Make a Sensory Wall (or Floor)

Glue Collective take you through how to create a fun opportunity for messy, sensory play upcycling items from in and around the home.  This video shows you how: A sensory wall gives touch, colour, texture and sound senses.   It’s an invitation for children to explore through their senses and discover more about what they like. …Read moreRead more

Making Puppets


Sow Some Seeds

Download this sheet as a PDF (more…)

Papier Mâché Heads


Mud, Mud, Marvellous Mud

Mud, Mud, Marvellous Mud (more…)

Rainbow Shakers

Join the Rainbow Jam – a band with instruments we make ourselves that shows it supports the NHS and Carers by decorating its instruments with rainbow patterns… FIRST: COLLECT ALL SORTS OF PACKAGING, CRACKERS, RICE, CEREAL, TEA, BISCUITS, .ETC NOT TOO THICK CARD. WITH ALL THE FAMILY, FIND THE WAY TO OPEN UP THE PACKAGE,…Read moreRead more

Make Your Own Popcorn

Make Your Own Popcorn (more…)

Drums and Junk Percussion

Drums are a kind of musical instrument called Percussion instruments – you make music by striking, or scraping, them.  You can use all sorts of junk materials to make drums and other junk percussion. CARPET ROLL TUBES FROM CARPET SHOPS (5INCH WIDE) ARE GOOD FOR MAKING DRUMS WITH.  YOU CAN CUT THEM DOWN TO MAKE…Read moreRead more

Collage Making

Collage uses all the found papers you can search out – tickets, coloured paper, printed paper, patterns, cards, sticker, tissue… anything you can stick onto a surface with glue.  It works by selecting, placing and sticking down to make pictures or covers for scrap books, to cover boxes or even furniture. You can make collage on…Read moreRead more

Bread Monsters

Bread Monsters (more…)