Children’s Quarter is a co-operative of member groups and organisations, but individuals can: join as supporters; play a part in the co-op; support CQ’s work developing and campaigning for inclusive services for children and young people. When you join as a supporter you will automatically become a member of the CQ Supporters’ Club which is part of the co-operative. That means you can, as a supporter, also take part in CQ’s democratic decision making.

Sign-up online

You can sign up as a Supporter and become a member of the CQ Supporters’ Club online using the Paypal button below. The subscription for a year is £10. If you like, you can add a further donation of £10 to that subscription. If you would like to subscribe for 5 years, you can for just £40:

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Supporter Enquiry Form

If you would like more information or would prefer to pay in person rather than online, please fill in the enquiry form below:

Children’s Quarter Supporters’ Club

When you sign up as a Children’s Quarter supporter, you automatically become a member of the CQ Supporters’ Club. The Club is an informal group which has the simple aim of ‘Supporting Children’s Quarter to develop and campaign for inclusive services for ALL children and young people’. Members agree to share their names and contact details so that they can get in touch with each other. A few times each year, Children’s Quarter invites Club members to get together socially and to choose people to represent them in the formal business of the CQ co-op. The Club is a member of the Children’s Quarter co-op.