Your group or organisations can join the CQ Co-op for £25. Individuals and small groups can be Supporters for £10…

Children’s Quarter is a cooperative with Members that are independent autonomous groups or organisations delivering a diverse range of community services for children,  young people and their families.  Membership of Children’s Quarter does not restrict how organisations function under their existing  operational, structural and accountability framework.   Members are, however, unified by a shared ethos as described by the vision, mission, values and principles that define Children’s Quarter.

Benefits of Belonging

Members benefit from consortium bids and cooperative fundraising; access to shared staff and resources; a louder voice and campaigning infuence in issues of shared concern; and the support and opportunities for informal learning that comes from being part of the club. More about the benefits of belonging.

Groups and Organisations

Charities, schools, local authorities and public agencies, non-profit organisations and associations, NGOs, trusts, community groups, branches of national and international non-profits, community interest companies, businesses with a social conscience and, of course, other cooperatives, anywhere in the world, can join Children’s Quarter as Members so long as your group or organisation:

  • aspires to, advocates for and commits to social inclusion for ALL children and young people
  • wants to collaborate with others to achieve it.

Membership costs £25 a year which is due every April. The Rules of the Coop can be downloaded here Download / read Children’s Quarter Rules You can apply to join using the form at the foot of the page.


Individuals can join either:

  • as Supporters in their own right (Supporters can attend and speak at meetings, get involved in the work of the coop and serve on the CQ Board etc, but they do not get a vote in any decisions made by the coop Members)
  • as a representative of a small, unconstituted group that wants to become a Member.

The supporter’s fee is £10 a year which is due every April. You can either apply using the form at the foot of the page, or sign up as a Supporter today online.

Membership fees

Membership fees can be paid by cheque sent to the address above or by BACS sent to Children’s Quarter at Unity Bank; Sort code 60-83-01 Account number 20387787 (add ‘Member’ or ‘Supporter’ as the reference.)

Membership enquiry form
Joining CQ as a Member costs £25. Joining as the representative of a small unconstituted group costs £10. Joining as an individual supporter costs £10.