Fantastic Free@Last – Learn for Real 27 Sept

Jacqui Rodney-Hayles, Youth Manager at Free@Last hosts the next Children’s Quarter Learning for Real event – a series of informal occasions when we go out and about to find the difference Member organisations make.  Join Jacqui, her colleagues and other CQ Members for breakfast in Nechells: fresh ideas, the inspiring story behind the charity and how its commitment to inclusivity works in practice…

Breakfast at Free@Last!

Set up as a charity in 1999 and as a limited company in 2003, Free@Last’s mission is to improve the lives of the children and young people of Nechells and to turn a community of poverty into a community of prosperity and opportunity.  The group provides opportunities, activities, mentoring and support for children and young people and works with families, other agencies and the community as a whole.  Free@Last successfully raised £2m to build a new centre which opened last December.

Free@Last's new centre in Nechells

As Free@Last say, the new centre is more than a building: it’s a beacon of hope and aspiration for people in Nechells. The aim is to provide a facility that is open to ALL who live and work in Nechells; not just a building to run projects from, but an inclusive centre for change.


If you are not yet a Member, then please let us know if you would like information about joining Children’s Quarter; and to come to this event.  If you are already a Member, then you’re welcome to bring anyone from your own group and friends. Just let us know numbers, so we can make sure there’s enough breakfast to go around…


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