Across the country, there is very little specialist childcare for  disabled children and children with mental health and other additional needs.  And the large majority of mainstream childcare providers do not accommodate children facing these challenges.  Unlike mainstream schools, special schools do not run after-school clubs.

Governments can say there is universal access to childcare  There isn’t.

Parents with disabled children or children with mental health and other additional needs are excluded from childcare; and excluded from work; and made dependent on benefits.  That means families, including siblings, are more likely to suffer the effects of family breakdown and mental illness.  Parents, particularly single parents and particularly mothers, of disabled children and children with mental ill-health and other additional needs are effectively (albeit unintentionally) singled out by government policies to be further excluded, financially and socially.

Nadhim Zadawi and Tracy Brabin







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Campaign for Inclusive Childcare

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