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Members of the Children’s Quarter Cooperative are independent autonomous organisations delivering a diverse range of community services for children, young people and their families. Membership of the Children’s Quarter Cooperative does not restrict how organisations function under their existing operational, structural and accountability frameworks   However, Members are unified by a shared ethos  based on cooperating for inclusion.

If your group or organisation would like to join Children’s Quarter, then please have a look at our Vision & Values ; Membership Agreement; and Members’ Benefits below.

If you wish to renew or apply for membership of CQ today, then you can pay your annual subscription via Paypal (using a credit or debit card or a Paypal account) below.  Membership fees are set each year by the Board elected by Members. Yearly subs this year are: £10 for small groups (turnover less than £20,000); £40 for groups with turnover up to £250,000; and £80 for larger organisations.

If you are an individual and would like to join Children’s Quarter, then you can find details on the Supporters’ Page.

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If you would like more information about joining or supporting Children’s Quarter, then please fill in the Membership Enquiry form below:

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Benefits for Members of Children’s Quarter

Member Benefits include:

  • improved promotion of the work of your group or organisation
  • better access to funding through cooperative tenders and joint bids with other members
  • options to suggest and be involved in campaigns, research and evaluation including working with our academic partners at Birmingham City University C:SPACE
  • opportunities for networking, support and friendship
  • a shared voice for inclusion to recognise need and support best practice
  • shared human and physical resources for collaborative work for inclusive services for children, young people and families
  • access to annual conference each November and the opportunity to meet and influence leading people
  • subsidised access to quality services including, for example: graphic design, web development, insurance and printing
  • subsidised places at training events
  • regular updates including funding information and access to shared intelligence from other members
  • an equal share in decision-making alongside other members on a one-member-one-vote co-operative basis.

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Children’s Quarter Vision, Mission, Values and Notes for Potential Members

Children’s Quarter Vision and Values

Members share a vision of Birmingham as a City where all children and young people at risk of social exclusion have equitable access to meaningful opportunities and experiences that support their social, emotional, physical health and well-being together with developing their potential for participation and contribution.

Children’s Quarter Mission

Members are providers of services for children, young people and their families who aspire to, advocate for and commit to inclusion and to working collaboratively with each other and their communities to improve access to sustainable, high quality, person centred inclusive play, youth, learning, leisure, sports and cultural opportunities supporting personal and professional development.

Children’s Quarter Values

Members share these values:

  • Cooperation
  • Inclusion
  • Integrity
  • Openness,
  • Person-centred Practice
  • Trust
  • Transparency.

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What Members Agree when Joining CQ

Membership Agreement

When joining Children’s Quarter, Members recognise and agree:

  • the benefits of collaboration and the importance of co-operative values and principles
  • that Children’s Quarter belongs to its members; that the Board is elected by members and that the co-operative is only as strong as the active participation of members makes it
  • that different groups and organisations have different strengths and needs and that every member brings something useful to the co-operative
  • the benefits of sharing resources where appropriate i.e. backroom (financial and infrastructure), policy, professional development staff, specialisms, training, transport, venues etc
  • the need to share knowledge, best practice, problem resolution and assist each other in times of challenge
  • the need for evaluation and learning including by working with academics and researchers and with other members
  • the added value of undertaking campaigns, fundraising, promotion and service delivery collectively
  • the importance of inclusive services including for children and young people with additional needs and their families who frequently face social exclusion and isolation
  • that inclusive services may often cost more to provide and that these costs must be recognised by funders and commissioners if they intend to provide programmes that serve ALL children and young people
  • that Children’s Quarter will be democratic, transparent and accountable so each member can exercise their rights and responsibilities in accordance with their membership
  • that representatives of members will observe the Nolan Principles of Public Life when they act within and for Children’s Quarter.

Work carried at as Children’s Quarter

In addition, Children’s Quarter Members commit to the following principles when they deliver or provide services commissioned on behalf of and funded through the cooperative:

  • Inclusion as a fundamental pre-requisite
  • Placing children with high needs at the centre of practice
  • Needs- led response shaped by the children, young people and their families who are the clients
  • Guarantee against exclusion on the grounds of additional needs
  • Local provision wherever possible and appropriate
  • Affordable and equitably priced provision together with an offer of transparent admissions policies prioritising children and young people at risk of exclusion.

Note: This commitment does not necessarily extend to other services that members provide either individually or collectively outside of delivery funded by Children’s Quarter.

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