Autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people

There are around 700,000 people on the autism spectrum in the UK – that’s more than 1 in 100. If you include their families, autism is a part of daily life for 2.8 million people. Autism affect children, young people and adults. Source: NHS Information Centre, Community and Mental Health Team See the National Autistic Society…Read moreRead more

About Children on the Autistic Spectrum and their Experience of School

Of children on the autism spectrum: over a third (34%) say that the worst thing about being at school is being picked on; nearly two -thirds (63%) are not in the kind of school their parents believe would best support them; more than 1 in 6 have been suspended from school; and 1 in 25 has…Read moreRead more

More than 1 in 10 children with special educational needs has a diagnosis of autism

More than one in ten (11%) of children with special educational needs in state funded schools has a diagnosis of autism.  The number of Statements/EHC Plans that list autism as the primary need increased by 3% between 2010 and 2013. Source: Special educational needs in England published in January 2014 by DfE (more…)