CQ Members are…

Members of the Children’s Quarter Cooperative are independent autonomous organisations delivering a diverse range of community services for children, young people and their families. Membership of the Children’s Quarter Cooperative does not restrict how organisations function under their existing operational, structural and accountability frameworks   However, Members are unified by a shared ethos  based on cooperating for inclusion.

If you are interested in joining or supporting Childrens Quarter fill in the Membership Enquiry form below and read through the outline of our shared vision, mission, values and notes:


Membership Enquiry

Full Membership – this allows an organisation which provides services of any kind to children, young people or families and is committed to cooperating for greater inclusion, to join the Cooperative; determine the form and function of the Childrens Quarter; and have voting rights as a full Member.

Yearly fees are: £10 for small groups (turnover less than £20,000); £40 for groups with turnover up to £150.000; and £80 for larger organisations

Associate Membership – this allows an organisation which supports the ethos of Childrens Quarter, but which is not a direct provider of services, to influence and contribute to the ongoing work and direction of the Cooperative.  Associate membership gives only restricted voting rights .

Yearly fees are the same as for full Members – as shown above.

Supporter – this allows those individuals who support the Mission and Aims of Childrens Quarter to be actively involved in the Cooperative and its activities.   Supporters do not have voting rights (but may belong to organisations who do – see above).

The yearly fee for a supporter is £10.


Membership fees are set each year by the Board elected by Members (these fees were agreed by the Board in June 2018).


Member Benefits include:

  • improved promotion of the work of your organisation
  • better access to funding through clustered and whole alliance of cooperative member tenders
  • options to suggest and be involved in campaigns, research and evaluation
  • networking, partnering and conferencing opportunities
  • a shared voice for inclusion to recognise need and support best practice
  • shared human and physical resources to benefit small, medium and large organisations through collaborative work for inclusive services for children, young people and families
  • all members will be invited to the annual conference each November
  • full members will have access to online / face to face strategic discussion groups, AGM(s) voting, proffering suggestions and requesting support
  • associate members will be able to contribute to online strategic discussion groups, proffer suggestions and request support
  • supporters will have access to and can feedback on regular online updates, proffer suggestions and request support


Children’s Quarter Vision, Mission, Values and Notes for Potential Members

Children’s Quarter Vision

Members share a vision of Birmingham as a City where all children and young people at risk of social exclusion have equitable access to meaningful opportunities and experiences that support their social, emotional, physical health and well-being together with developing their potential for participation and contribution.


Children’s Quarter Mission

Members are providers of services for children, young people and their families who aspire to, advocate for and commit to inclusion and to working collaboratively with each other and their communities to improve access to sustainable, high quality, person centred inclusive play, youth, learning, leisure, sports and cultural opportunities supporting personal and professional development.


Children’s Quarter Values

Members share these values:





Person-centred Practice




Memorandum of Understanding

Children’s Quarter Members commit to the following principles when delivering/providing services commissioned on behalf of and funded through the cooperative:

  • Inclusion as a fundamental pre-requisite
  • Placing children with high needs at the centre of practice
  • Needs- led response shaped by the children, young people and their families who are the clients
  • Guarantee against exclusion on the grounds of additional needs
  • Local provision wherever possible and appropriate
  • Affordable and equitably priced provision together with an offer of transparent admissions policies prioritising children and young people at risk of exclusion.

Note: This commitment does not necessarily extend to other services that members provide either individually or collectively outside of delivery funded by Children’s Quarter.

Children’s Quarter Members recognise:

  • that smaller organisations will need differing degrees of support.
  • that children and young people with more complex needs may require differential levels of funding
  • the benefits of sharing resources where appropriate i.e. backroom (financial and infrastructure), policy, professional development staff, specialisms, training, transport, venues etc
  • the need to collaborate with members when working at capacity
  • the need to share knowledge, best practice, problem resolution and assist each other in times of challenge
  • the Children’s Quarter Board will respond to written concerns raised by clients who claim that Childrens Quarter funded member organisations are working outside of agreed Childrens Quarter principles
  • the importance of working with academics and researchers to benefit practice and evidence outcomes
  • the need to undertake campaigns, fundraise, promote and work collectively on behalf of in line with agreed objectives
  • the imperative to improve the equitable distribution of inclusive services for children and young people and their families
  • the requirement of a transparent accountability structure to ensure each member can exercise their rights and recognised responsibilities in accordance with their membership status
  • the necessity for various and flexible types of membership e.g. full, associate, and supporter with distinct rights, responsibilities and benefits together with the ability for organisations to vary their membership subject to the Children’s Quarter Memorandum of Understanding
  • that a membership subscriptions structure will be further developed, agreed and implemented subject to annual reviews each March